These rules were reluctantly added because people asked what our rules were, and we had no set rules. They are not just op rules, but rules for all who join #mIRCHelp.

Undernet #mIRCHelp Rules

These rules were reluctantly added because people asked what our rules were, and we had no set rules. They are not just op rules, but rules for all who join #mIRCHelp.


Keep in mind that #mIRCHelp is for fun and helping. Have fun while helping!!

1. Give help publicly on the channel, since the help may apply to other users, and so that we may monitor who is getting help and if that help is accurate. Your helping them in the channel will likely answer the question about to be asked by another user, effectively killing two birds with one stone.

2. No help on anything that violates IRC server policies, e.g. how to annoy, takeover, flood, clone, collide, spoof, etc.

3. No help on anything illegal, e.g. nuking (denial of service attacks), warez (software piracy), etc.

4. No automated scripts please, including automatic greetings, public away messages, file serve announcements, on text remotes for help, etc. If you have a remote you really want to use, let me know first.

*5. Please DO Not add any ops unless you ask me and a 499 op first, and do not op people not in the bot.

6. NO BOTS are allowed in the channel without agreement of the Manager.

*7. Please talk in the channel and greet newcomers. We want them to stay and learn, not come in, see a dead channel, and leave. If you spend more time idling than talking in the channel, then perhaps you should reconsider why you desire to be an op here.

*8. When you are opped in the channel SURE you are here and paying attention to the channel. Otherwise DEOP! Newbies often mistake an idling op as unresponsive and rude. (400+ ops excluded.)

*9. As an op, you are in a position of authority and responsibility, so keep that in mind. Also keep in mind that you're only in a position of authority in an IRC channel, so don't take the job, or yourself, too seriously. Don't kick people for no reason. Just make sure that the channel is a place for everyone to have fun learning. Swearing is permitted in context but excessive swearing can result in a kick or ban.

10. TELL ME if you see problems with the channel and how people are behaving.

*11. You were given ops for a reason. This means you *don't* have to ask me before you kick someone. If someone is causing trouble, kick or ban them as necessary.

*12. If you haven't been active on the channel for 3 months, your ops will be removed. This isn't a punishment for not showing up, or an incentive to show up; it just doesn't make much sense to have a bunch of ops that never come around.

13. Try your best to make sure that the channel does not remain idle. That simply means you will actually talk to new people and make conversations so that they will feel comfortable and come back.

14. Use your common sense. If your instinct tells you to handle a situation in a certain way, then do it.

15. I have no hard and fast rule about people coming in for help and being in "suspect" channels simultaneously except for child porn and credit card or banking info stealing channels. I do not want us helping people who are abusing children or stealing identities and/or people's money. Other channels that you may object to, is your decision. (Amended 1/19/06 to include cc channels.)

16. Of course, English is our language for the channel and we do help in some scripting if we are able. If it becomes a massive scripting answer, please let us know you are taking someone into message and help them there.

17. NEW RULE: When someone is asked by name to help someone, please allow time for that person to answer. It's just plain rude to answer for someone else. If someone is helping, feel free to add to that help, but do not take over for the person who is handling the question. Being a question hog is not pretty.

Be sure to read our Policy Page added November, 2005

Wow, lots of rules for a channel that has never had written rules! The main rule however, is always BE NICE! (And have fun!)